To Pack or Not to Pack

When you have one bag to live out of for a month while roaming around Europe, what would you take? Do you pack those boots that make you look gorgeous but take up too much room? Do you stick to your practicality guns and only pack the bare essentials? Do you pack gadgets or do you aim for gadget free travel?

Once when travelling through Europe with family, I met a young man who had been travelling for months. All he had was a basic backpack with two pairs of undies (so he could wear one and wash another), a singlet, two shirts and one pair of shorts. When I told my dad about this, he said
“Now there’s a man who can pack for a holiday!” …Not exactly my sentiments. That being said, there are entire articles dedicated to Milan-standard, coordinated wardrobes in your suitcase down to the colours and materials. Not sure I’m that careful with fashion at the best of times let alone when I’m on holiday.

What I have learned is that packing is highly personal. No single packing list will work for everyone. Even hubby’s priorities are different to mine. He is 100% when it comes to security or safety – packs with cut-proof straps and steel mesh protection, first aid kits, glad wrapped and signed luggage and secret procedures. Me? I’m trying to figure out how to make sure I actually pack everything I need while not packing too much.

So, internet, tell me what worked for you. Did you swear by earplugs and a travel pillow or that must-have item in your luggage? Did you need a whole range of clothes or just a well chosen few? Were there any essential gadgets?

What ideas do you just have to share with the world (or at least me?)

– Siobhan

7 thoughts on “To Pack or Not to Pack”

  1. I am of no help in this area…. I take a gigantic suitcase just to travel back home for a weekend!

  2. I found I was given lots of advice, followed little of it and did what my heart/brain told me at the time. We Coman bred people have an uncommonly good sense of common sense 🙂
    Helpful I know, right?

  3. I had to pack 20 days of winter clothing into 1 suitcase! There was obviously a lot of reusing, but one thing that helped was Ziploc bags. Put clothes inside and then kneel on the bag while closing it — kneeling pushes the air out of the bag, so it has almost the same effect as those vacuum-sealed bags. 🙂

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