Homebodies Away! (In 16 days)

Spain, Morocco, Portugal

Yup, in about three weeks hubby and I will be jet setting to these exotic locales. I am not the only one out there travelling. My Step mum just got back from a beautiful “vacanze italiane”, my dad will probably be climbing some horrifically vertical mountain and my middle brother is meandering his way across the world on his sabbatical. My complex, large family are an interesting bunch. Then, it seems, there’s me. I’m a homebody mostly. I love boring nights and interesting TV. Soft blankets and rainy days. Dinner with family or friends talking about geeky things with a boffin’s references.

When Hubby and I were beginning to plan a holiday, it had to be a holiday for homebodies. Homebodies on an adventure, exploring our geeky interests. History, good food, a little romance, a little quirkiness, a little relaxation. Hubby and I are both history boffs – for me it’s ancient to renaissance history while Hubby is more interested in military and modern history. Each location has been chosen primarily because of its rich history. Secondly, food! Who can say no to Nuremberg Bratwurst, Italian pizza, Moroccan…anything. Flavours so layered and seeped in culture. History is the story while food is the evidence it existed. For that alone travel is worth it.

So our adventures will be filled with history, culture, unexpected side trips (or hiccups), food and, I hope, new friends and experiences Hubby and I will share for decades to come.

16 days…tick…tock

– Siobhan

5 thoughts on “Homebodies Away! (In 16 days)”

  1. Best of luck to you both! I’m a homebody myself (when I’m at home) but I also really, really, really love to travel. 🙂 If you are planning to drop by Munich, there’s a free (tips-only) tour that starts at the Marienplatz around noon — the guides are funny and very knowledgeable about history. Happy travels!

    1. Thanks @smalltowngirls. We are going to Munich so I’ll see if we can do the tour. I hadn’t heard of that one. Good to meet another homebody/traveller 🙂

      1. I thoroughly recommend it. I wasn’t that interested in history in the first place, but the tour was such an eye-opener. Our guide was good: he managed to describe such things as the Beer Hall Putsch and Kristallnacht with both horror and humor but in a not-at-all-insensitive way.

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